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Archangels, Ascended Masters & Other Higher Beings of Light

There are many beings here to help us on the earth during these remarkable times. These include not only angels and spirit guides, but the archangels, ascended masters, and other magnificent Higher Beings too. Here is a brief overview of each of these categories of wonderful beings, and an introduction to some of the archangels and masters. When I refer to ᬫing with angels䨲oughout this web-site, I am referring to talking with any and all of these beings. To find out more about the Archangels, Ascended Masters and Other Beings, join my AngelSpeak newsletter list and I will send you my detailed guide.


These loving different types of beings are often mistaken for one another. To some extent, they all bring comfort and support and help, but there are subtle differences between them. It can be helpful to know which is which.


Those we have loved often return briefly to let us know they are happy and well in the next world. Some loved ones, with whom we had a very strong connection, such as a sister, a partner, or favourite grandmother, who have passed over, may return as one of our guides, to assist us.


Many people have spirit guides. These are wise souls who have lived upon the earth many times, have received training, and volunteered to return to earth in spirit form to act as spirit guides. They become a trusted and valuable friend and mentor.


In addition to our Guardian Angel, who watches over us and keeps us safe, we may have numerous other angels here to assist us. You may have sensed angels around you, felt them guiding you during healing, or been told that you have an angel with you, or been told its name. As higher spiritual beings, they have additional abilities to help orchestrate events in our lives e.g. to send us signs, arrange ‘co-incidences’, and assist us in various ways from above. They love working with us and helping us, so call upon them often. Angels are invariably loving, positive and uplifiting.


As well as angels, many feel a connection to one or more of the archangels. These are higher angels with greater responsibilities who watch over larger areas and groups of people – they are, if you like, over-arching angels, hence archangels. Most people are familiar with Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael. There are many more archangels. Here is an introduction to some of the more regular ones, regarded by some as the key 8 archangels.

Archangel Michael

The most familiar of the archangels, many people have already sensed a connection with Michael and call upon him often. Michael assists with protection (for ourselves, loved ones, homes), psychic clearing and protection (including cutting chords with his sword). He also helps give us courage and strength when needed, and provides direction and help with our life and life path. Like all of the archangels, Michael is a multidimensional being and can help all who call upon him simultaneously – he is never too busy to help, he is always available and responds swiftly. His messages are usually clear and to the point. A no nonsense archangel who we all love!

Archangel Raphael

Raphael is the archangel of healing and healers. Call upon him for help with healing on any level, for yourself or others (humans or animals). Call upon him also for help in developing your healing work. If you sense an angel assisting and guiding you while giving healing to others, it may well be Raphael, or one of his team of healing angels. Raphael is associated with the colour green, and normally appears as a fairly normal looking male of average height. He loves to assist all aspects of healing, and helping healers to develop their gifts and healing work.

Archangel Gabriel

Gabriel is the messenger angel, bringing important news and information. Gabriel appears in the Bible, for example as the messenger angel who informed Joseph of the impending birth of Jesus. (So it is Gabriel who is in the traditional Christmas nativity play!). Gabriel is associated with a golden light. Occasionally appears in the female form as Gabrielle. He/ she often brings new, unexpected information.

Archangel Uriel

The fourth of the 駠fourᲣhangels, is Uriel, who is the archangel of Peace, both on a personal and global scale. Those involved in bringing peace to the world will naturally have Uriel assisting them. Uriel is often a more subtle, gentle being, wise and calming, appearing usually in a golden glow, or as a gentle calming energy or presence around you. Call upon Uriel to help bring peace to yourself or your life, or to assist bringing peace to the world.

Archangel Chamuel

Chamuel is the archangel of love and relationships. No surprise that Chamuel࣯lour is pink. Chamuel is kind, loving and sweet, helping us to be more loving, and build more loving relationships. Call upon Chamuel to help smooth away any problems in relationships, and help you attract and build more loving and positive relationships.

Archangel Jophiel

Jophiel is a joyful and uplifting angel. She helps us to appreciate the beauty of life, appreciating nature, and assisting us with art, music and creative projects that make our hearts sing. She is the archangel of beauty, arts and nature, and associated with the colour green. Call upon her to help you feel more joyful, to appreciate nature and the beauty of life, to help bring greater balance and harmony in your life, and to assist your creative or artistic projects.

Archangel Zadkiel

Zadkiel is the archangel of teachers, especially spiritual teaching, and transformation. He assists with knowledge, symbols, new spiritual information, transformation, and helping us teach others. He is associated with the colour purple, and uses purple energy to transform negativity into positive energies. He usually appears as a wise old man with long white beard and purple cloak, ancient and wise, guiding us on the path of enlightenment. If your path involves teaching, or you are struggling to understand spiritual information, call upon Zadkiel to assist you.

Archangel Metatron

Metatron can be said to be the highest of the archangels, the one closest to God. Metatron watches over and supports all of the other archangels. A very high and powerful being, Metatron normally appears as a large and blindingly bright white light and powerful energy. Metatron is there to provide extra energy and support for those who seek to do good things in the world. Like Michael, Metatron can provide powerful energy to help cleanse, protect and assist you, and provide clear helpful guidance. Metatron is one of my own personal favourites, along with Michael.
If you feel a link with a particular archangel, it may well indicate the nature of the work that you are here to do (eg Uriel for peace, Raphael for healing). Call upon any of them, at any time, to help you with the appropriate area.


Connect with the archangel of your choice. Try our free meditation to experience a taste of connecting with the archangels (this meditation is taken from our angel course, and is better done during the course, but many people report good results even when it is done on its own 䲹 it and see for yourself.)


As well as our beloved angels, there are also many other higher beings here on the planet to assist us during these times.

There are many ascended masters, from many backgrounds, faiths and countries, who are working together, with the angels and archangels, to help mankind and the planet during these important times. These are highly evolved beings, who have volunteered to assist humanity and the planet in loving service.

Some of you may be familiar with some of them. For others, they may be new. Just be aware that there are many higher beings working with us, and you will be guided to the right ones at the right time. Here is some information about some of those who appear more commonly to my clients and workshop students.


(Also known in some new age circles now as Sananda). Jesus is a very powerful healer. When he appears, it is an awe-inspiring experience, accompanied usually by a very bright white light, (the Christ light) and very loving energies. He brings healing and messages to those who call upon him. He has appeared to myself, and people in my workshops, and it is a great blessing when he does so. You do not need to be a Christian to call upon him, for he is available to all people.


Sometimes know as the Queen of the Angels, Mother Mary is a hard-working master who assists many souls, especially it seems the Irish. She is gifted at healing the wounds of the heart, and helping us to open our hearts, and be more loving towards others. Her presence is unmistakable 鯵젫now when she has connected with you ⵴ is a more gentle and reassuring presence.


Buddhaಯle nowadays is to help oversee the development of the Earth. He is also a being that we can call upon for individual help. His presence is normally very calming, and he speaks wise words of guidance. He helps to still our soul to a quieter, more contented place, where we are better connected to the divine.


One of my personal favourites, Lakshmi is the beautiful Hindu Goddess of Abundance. She is classically represented as having many arms, but she appears In normal human form to me. She is also associated with lotus flowers. Lakshmi helps us to find fulfilling careers which allow us to serve our highest path AND be abundantly rewarded. She believes it is important to be happy, fulfilled and abundant on our path, and that we all deserve this.


Melchizedek is a high and powerful being who over-lights the universe. He often appears as a white bearded wise old man, with cloak, and a high vibration light. He works with light and energies. Those who connect with him often experience a calming presence and comfortable, wonderous multi-coloured lights and energies. These are his common signatures. A great privilege to connect with him. If you do so, you probably have advanced spiritual work to do on the planet.
There is more detail about these Ascended Masters and others in my detailed guide. Sign up for the newsletter to download this and learn more about Thoth, St Germain and others.
Consider calling upon the masters to help you – they are a valuable part of the higher team working to help us all.
(NB, for those studying the home study angel course, or considering doing so, there is a guide to connecting with the ascended masters included as one of the bonus sessions of the course. The divine would like us to connect with whichever beings are appropriate for us, at various stages of our lives, whether guides, angels, archangels, masters, or other higher beings)


Many advanced souls are being sent to the planet during these times to assist the growth of the planet. These gifted children are known as indigo children, crystal, rainbow and star children. They are born with remarkable gifts, such as telepathy, healing abilities, and knowledge of science and the stars. Numerous books have been written about them (e.g. by Doreen Virtue).
There are also many advanced ADULTS here, who are starting to awaken to their higher abilities. These could be called Indigo Adults. Such people typically feel 馦erent䯠others. They may feel that they donಥally want to be here on earth, but would rather go ﭥ校 phenomenon known as 鶩ne homesickness栬onging to return from whence they came. However, they are here for a purpose 䯠spread higher knowledge, healing and gifts to the planet. In my sessions, I help such people to discover what they are really here to do, and help them to connect with the Higher Beings that are here to work with them.


Many people are starting to notice orbs appearing to them, both in their lives, and in photos. Orbs carry the light and energy of archangels and masters. They are another way in which these beings can show they are with us, and bring their energy to us. As you become familiar with working with orbs, you will come to know which orb represents which higher being. Unicorns are also connecting with greater numbers of people. They are high level beings, who, like angels, are here to help us, especially those who are guided to do work that assists the planet. They are beautiful and powerful beings who can assist us greatly. They can pour healing or empowering energy into us or our projects.


All of these beings are here to help us during these important times of change for the planet. You may be drawn to working with one, a few, or many of the above. If you are interested in, or sense any of these beings around you, you might like to learn how to connect with them and communicate with them, so they can guide you more directly and assist you further. They can help to transform our lives for the better. Which beings do you feel drawn to work with ᮧels, archangels, masters, other higher beings?
You can learn how to connect with and talk with any or all of the above wonderful spiritual beings, via the Home Study Angel Course, via Darren’s Angel Workshops , and via One to One Sessions with Darren.


The Correspondence (home study) Angel Course, Guided By Angels, teaches you how to connect with, work with, and talk with / receive messages from the angels, archangels, masters and higher beings, so they can lovingly guide your life. It is truly magical. It is available anywhere world-wide, and includes sections on archangels and ascended masters. Like the angel workshops, it has proved highly effective in enabling people to connect with their angels (and the other higher beings) and receive a great deal of guidance about their lives.


Darrenngel Workshops also teach people to connect with any of the above beings, and receive healing and lots of messages about your life. You also get meet a group of other like-minded souls and make new contacts and friends. Immensely enjoyable and valuable weekends ९ple often travel great distances to attend. Full details, dates and locations are provided elsewhere on the web-site.


One to One Sessions with Darren, are available by phone or in person. They are offered to help you discover your true self and your life path, to connect with the angels and higher beings to help you and guide your life, and clear any problems or blocks if necessary, so you can shine your light and fulfil your contribution to the world. Sessions produce remarkable results. See the web-site for full details, how it works, fees, and testimonials about one to one sessions .
People report remarkable connections, guidance and miraculous changes from all of these ways of working with angels and spirit. It is my honour and pleasure to be of help and loving service to people, angels and spirit. For more information about any of these options - courses, workshops or sessions - see the web-site - simply click on the tabs (on the top left of the web-site) for more information about any of these options.
May you enjoy developing your connections with the angels or any of these wonderful beings. Know that they are here to help us, both individually, and to help create a better world for everyone. Working with any of these angels and beings will add a whole new positive dimension to your life, and undoubtedly lead you forward to a more happy and fulfilling phase of your life. They look forward to connecting with you!

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