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My child concentration power was very poor and due to improper diet, he was not keeping well. We were frustrated by going thru all those ᫥ baba/tantric/self-styled Gurus) who publish their advt in local newspaper. One of our family doctor recommended to take consultation from Sri Satyendra Shukla. Initially I was in doubt, to see such guru in corporate office managing software business. But I was completely lost when he started speaking and explaining the root cause behind the entire human problem. He has never made compulsion to buy any product from his end (neither he has too!), he just provides simple remedy which can be followed in daily life. We took rudraksh (4 mukhi) recommended by him and followed his instruction..In short: I felt the grace of divine in his presence!!

Mr.Shah, Pune.


I belong to middle class family. Was unemployed and searching for Job. All my marriage proposal was getting rejected due to my non matching of horoscope or unable to match the expectation of bride. Being our neighbor in the same area, I once approached Sri Satyendra Shukla for consulation. To my surprise, he didn’t charge any consultation fees from me and given me some remedy like wearing 2 mukhi rudraksh. Within 30 days, unbelievable miracles happened..I got the permanent job in very good company also my marriage got fixed. Now words to express my gratitude to Sri Satyendra Shukla. A true guide for needy people.

Mrs.Mruguja, Ahmednagar. (This is translated from his Marathi feedback)


My first marriage has damaged my life very badly.Had two children and not getting divorce. I was staying with another woman and got registered marriage .but not satisfied in the second marriage option. All the time clashes, arguments, blame, doubt existed in our couple life. Then as a website developing client I got in touch with Sri Satyendra Shukla. I was very much impressed by the professional and eithical way of handling his business client. In our few meetings, he started discussing our family matter, which I had never opend up before him. That surprised me of his intuition power gifted by divine. He has given me rudraksh mala to wear as well as my wife.

Just in period of 6 month, I came out legally from the divorce of first marriage, got child from our second marriage. We feel blessed by his guidance. He will always remain our family Guru till our last breath.

Mr. Singh (name changed changed for customers privacy safety), Patna (Bihar).


My husband was alcoholic and used to have non-veg every day. I had 5 abortions after my marriage with no child. I was under depression for whole year, unable to come out of this stress. My neighbor suggested me to meet Shri Satyendra Shukla. I have to wait for two month to meet him personally. But kept my patience, as this was the last left option before me. When I met him, he consulted for Rudraksh for me & for my husband. Also given me distance healing for 11 days to come out from mental trauma. I wish to share that we are blessed with baby girl last month and my husband alcohol and non veg habit has been reduced by 90% within a year. Thanks Guruji.

Mrs.Patil, Aurangabad.


I had a huge difference with my father. He always kept me away from his business. He deprived me and my mother out of his life and business. I was helpless and always blame to God and Karma for giving me such father. I became very much pessimistic and lost faith from God or any supernatural power. After few years, I came in contact with my business consultant in Bangalore, who advised me to meet Sri Satyendra Shukla in Pune. At first sight, I thought this 32 year guy may be like other “parrots” who say few words memorized from astrology, numerology and vastu books and sell some product to make up his profit.

But the moment he read my face and said the vastu dosh in my house even without seeing at it; I trusted. Then he also made me realize my past sin which I committed but never expressed to any person. That made me to bow before him and touch his feet. We have done all the remedies as suggested by him. My relationship with my father remained as it was before but saved from getting further strain, also, the health of my mother improved far better. I got married and now leaving happily.

Mr.Vishal vaid (name changed for customers privacy safety) Mumbai


My young son (22 yrs) was studying in US, when he felt in bad company. Started smoking, drinking and taking drugs. He has lost his mental consciousness and became out of control. On returing India, we showed him too many doctors, but he resisted taking medicines. We went in many famous well known meditation centre; but still he has not accepted it. Then only option left was – mental hospital for certain period. At the age of 62 yrs, we husband and wife used to take care him like a 2 month baby. It used to hurt us very deeply when he used to smoke 10 packets of cigarette per day sitting before us.
We were helpless and left the decision to God. One of my friends who is into astrology refered us to Shri Satyendra Shukla in Pune. But to my surprise, he even resisted his Consultancy and refused to sit before him. Then we lost all our hopes and accepted it as past life karma fruits.

But then Mr.satyendra Shukla gave me the hope that in 21 days, my son will himself walk down in his office with proper mental frame of mind. I thought he must be saying fun or trying to reveal himself as “God”. But we were proved wrong. In just 21 days, my son had stopped smoking, drinking totally and he went to meet Mr.Shukla by his own. It was all the effect of distance reiki healing and positive prayer done by heart for my child without any selfish intention, which resulted in positive fruits. Today my son has got the job in and now preparing for GMAT. We thank to God, for giving me wonderful opportunity to meet Mr.Shukla.

Suresh Vaingainkar, Mahim, Mumbai.


I was not going thru a very good phase of my life. I felt nervous and depressed all the time. I was tensed about little things. Shri Satyendra Shukla recommended a few different beads for me (one bead of 3 Mukhi, one bead of 6 Mukhi and one bead of 8 Mukhi) to curb my negativity, depression and to open new opportunities in my life. I definitely see a change of attitude and comparatively lots of mental stability.

Mr.Ankit Bansal, Ratlam (MP)


Thanks for the Combination of rudraksha pendant you and your company provided me. I was first time exposure with rudraksha. It helps me to balance emotions. I feel Very good for expressing and presenting myself in offices with other higher officers. It Gives me confidence while making desired decision in my office. Very supportive. Once again, Pranam and take my salutation ......

Ms.Sarika, Nagpur


After wearing the rudraksh recommended by Sri Satyendra Shukla, 3, 4, 6 mukhi..My creativity increased, health problem resolved and got the dream job within 4 month. Thank you Guruji!!

Ms.Kavita, Webdesigner. Pune


Sri Satyendra Shukla has helped me enormously by recommending excellent combination of Rudraksha that helped shape my family life and professional career in a positive way. I am eternally indebted to them. God bless …

Dr.Yogita, Pune


My marital problem resolved permanently which I never thought even in my dream, just by the grace of Sri Satyendra Shukla, who recommended me Rudraksh – Gaurishankar after analyzing my horoscope. He saved my life from getting divorce at the age of 36 with once teenage child. Thanks a lot sir.

Mrs. Agarwal (name changed changed for customers privacy safety), Aurangabad.


Vastu Shastra Testimonials (Beneficiaries) :-

Previously I met one Vastu Consultant at Pune. Later I came to know that all of his Yantras are gimmick. For these yantras and pooja, 3 times visits to my home, he collected Rs.25, 000/- over all. Finally I decided that this is bogus and cheating. One of my friends told about Sri ‘Satyendra Shukla..

After consulting Sri Satyendra Shukla, I made some changes to my house, the suggestions have greatly added to my academic business. Now I lead an interesting happy life. Thanks a lot to chief vastu consultant of VVAR.IN website, I gain so much from website content. Website content changed my life into a proper development, this website serves lot to the society without expecting anything from us, its a really great NOBLE thought-



Whenever I used to enter in my office premises, I had unwanted stress. It may be related with debt recovery or employee retention. My business was flourishing and income flow was expanding, but debt recovery was very poor. Frustrated with this, I contacted my friend who was also friend of Sri Satyendra Shukla. He came, given me Reiki energy to heal from inside and gain new vision to recover my pending debt. He has also used Pyramid Yantra in my office to remove vastu defect from my office. I feel proud and its my honour to say, that in 45 days I realized 20% positive result; and now after 11 month passed; I recovered my 80% of debt. Thanks to almighty.

Mr.Balal .Pune.


I am wholesale Trader from Aurangabad.. I decided to consult Sri Satyendra Shukla, for my professional development. He accepts and came to my house and directed me only 3 alterations, as per his suggestions I done the alterations, within a period of 2 months I observed little bit changes in my profession, after one year I tasted all the fruits of Vaastu Shastra. Its really amazing, I advised to my friends for Vaastu Shastra corrections for happy leading life, before calling to Sri Satyendra Shukla,  I thought that he will never come to Aurangabad, but he came and his visit is a wonderful, his sincerity, simplicity, responsibility attracts me more, my family members are also appreciated me for inviting Sri Satyendra Shukla

Rajesh Agarwal,Aurangabad


Is there any chance to overcome from our problems in this world, I searched so many times and so many places, after all I find one very good way i.e, Vaastu Shastra, if we follow Vastu Shastra definitely we will get good results, Sri Satyendra Shukla, is a principled Vaastu Consultant, I appreciate his interest on his customers and researching on Vaastu Shastra, I consulted him, now I am very happy with my day to day life. Definitely it will be a wonderful Key for all of our unsolved problems



We are four sisters, we are badly needed money for our regular life, my father is a Government Employee, we face financial crisis, heavy mental tortures, tension, debts, Quarrels at home, one time we decided to go for suicide ……….but one day I met Sri Satyendra Shukla,, I called him and I requested his help, after passing some days he came to my house and given some alteration suggestions, we done all those alterations without late, within a moment of 6 months we got clear results, now we are really happy, exact Vaastu suggestions saved my family, it’s really wonder, now my elder sister marriage is also fixed. Thank you Vastu Shastra.

Ms. Veena (Name Changed) – Nashik(Place is also changed for customers privacy safety)


Thru one of my close relative I came in contact with Sri Satyendra Shukla. Earlier I had respect for ancient Vedas, but never trusted as before after meeting Sri Satyendra Shukla. He has done the vastu rectification for my Plot where my construction work was stopped since 3 years. During visit, Sri Satyendra Shukla informed that as North & East was blocked, as a result all the finance flow was stopped. I am very much glad to express that my construction work got completed successfully within 6 month of time.

Nitin Naik, Pune.


I stay in a house which is not as per the vastu rules. When Sri Satyendra Shukla, visited our place at Aurangabad, he first suggested to do some simple and easy remedy such as Puja, donations etc. When we started the feeling positive difference in the energy of house, then we went ahead for entire home remedy without any demolition. Thanks  to almighty  for making Sri Satyendra Shukla, as our angel who removed us from our difficult times that we were facing since so many years.

Vivek Kedia,Aurangabad


With your permission I want to say very few words to you all, Sri Satyendra Shukla, is a reliable Vaastu Consultant and having patience that we don’t have.

Avinash Jadape, Pune.


Only one sentence about Sri Satyendra Shukla, I believe him and I follow his Science of Vaastu Shastra., myself and my family members are also having a good faith on him, he informs us only facts, those may be very painful on the spot but later we learnt that his advises will be more valuable for our secured future

Prashant Naik, Pune


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