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Corporate Vastu Consulting

Vastu Shastra has a potential to add value to your Company. Vastu has clear cut solutions to create prosperity, if vastu principles are observed from the inception of any construction.

Companies want to portray the image of their office as in sync with the new age office, with a modern look and feeling of positive vibrations with the Vastu shastra.  Organisations are becoming particularly careful in the way they arrange  their offices. With well planned spaces and furniture the efficiency and motivational levels of the people can be increased as it gives a good feeling because a lot of time is spent in the office. It also has effect on the company's clientele & business.

Important points to be considered while following Vastu shastra for Corporate or Single office :-

» Shape of the plot, Buidling and offices
» Main Entrance of the site
» Door View
» Location of the Master Cabin, CEO and a key staff
» Place of Financial department
» Staff placement & orientations
» Location & arrangments of conference room
» Direction of the Owner/Staff
» Direction of the Marketing activities/Display
» Colours for interior & exterior of the office
» Direction of the AC, Electrical mains, Coolers etc
» Direction of Pantry, Canteen
» Placement of Toilets
» Direction of windows
» Location of Higherzone/lower zone
» Location fo Dry zone/Wet zone
» Placement of various office gadgets like computer, fax, Server etc.
» Placement of loft/staircase & overhead tanks

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